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Ubuntu auf dem Nexus 4

Makefu hat auf sein altes (wie kurzlebig doch Handys sind) Nexus 4 Ubuntu geworfen.
Ich bin gespannt auf den Erfahrungsbericht in ein paar Wochen 😉

Jedenfalls muss man im Moment ein Radio Rom Downgrade fahren wenn man unter Ubuntu das wlan zum funktionieren überreden möchte.


$ wget
$ tar xvfz occam-jwr66y-factory-74b1deab.tgz
$ adb reboot bootloader
$ fastboot flash radio flash occam-jwr66y/radio-mako-m9615a-cefwmazm-2.0.1700.84.img


$ rm  rm occam-jwr66y-factory-74b1deab.tgz 
$ rm -rf occam-jwr66y/

[Android] HTC Desire upgrade auf Gingerbread – 2.3.1 [Oxygen]

Frei aus dem Kopf:

  1. One-Click Root -> hiermit: unrevoked³
  2. Falls Apps + Daten gerettet werden sollen:
    1. My Backup [Android market] installieren – QR ->
    2. "My Backup Android market link"
      My Backup
    3. Backup Application & Media
    4. Backup Data
  3. ROM Manager [Android market] installieren – QR ->

    ROM Manager Android market lin
    ROM Manager
  4. geeignete Radio Firmware downloaden z.B.: (Quelle)
    1. auf die SD Karte (oberste Ebene (\)) im Desire schieben
    2. per ROM Manager -> Reboot into Recovery (geht auch über den Bootloader)
    3. Datei auswählen und installieren
    4. rebooten
  5. Gewünschtes ROM downloaden z.B.: Oxygen 2.0 RC6 [Quelle]
  6. auf die SD Karte (oberste Ebene (\)) im Desire schieben
  7. per ROM Manager installieren (oder auch per Recovery)
    1. Install ROM from SD Card
    2. Backup Existing ROM (-> pfft)
    3. Wipe Data and Cache!
  8. Glücklich sein 😉

[Android] battery calibration

The following steps should significantly extend the battery life on your phone:

  1. connect the phone to the charger with the phone powered on, and allow the phone to charge until the notification LED is green, indicating the device is fully charged
  2. disconnect the phone from the charger, and power it off
  3. reconnect the phone to the charger with the phone powered off, and allow the phone to charge until the notification LED is green
  4. disconnect the phone from the charger and power it on. Wait until the phone is powered completely on
  5. power it off again and reconnect it to the charger until the notification LED is green
  6. disconnect the phone, power it on, and use it

You need to use this sequence only once.

Baking a Magician to discover its JTAG pins

1. grab the datasheet


2. locate the following signal pins:

  • nTRST (Test Rest
  • TDI (Test Data Input)
  • TDO (Tet Data Output)
  • TMS (Test Mode Select)
  • TCK (Test Clock)

4. find those on the circuit board

5. heat your oven 🙂

6. get the chip off the board

my first try wasn’t too successful

so here we go again

7. now trace the previously identified pins

8. mission accomplished:

9. Resources

Wallaby JTAG, iPAQ 3600 JTAG

10. Notes

I think it is possible to do this without killing the device (which in my case didn’t matter because I got an already dead one just for this task).

Therefore you should prebake the circuit board at around 100°C for some time (to get the rid of the moisture) and only use the minimal temperature to unsolder the parts you want to remove/replace.

Also it might be a good idea to fixate the board so you dont accidentially move components once the solder is liquid (like I did – of course 🙂 ).

Don’t hesitate to contact me in case you need some more traces, or parts of this board (though I can’t guarantee nothing)