3d printing (ugly) cookies

why not?

So ever since I brought the plexiprinter along there was the idea of printing christmas cookies, chocolate or other sweets. A long time ago I even bought more than enough syringes on ebay and ever since they were sitting in a drawyer.

After finally showing the printer some attention like 2 weeks back and having Nadia tell me a few days back that we should finally make some 3dp cookies it had to happen.

Since we cancelled the family Christmas (don’t get me wrong – I love my family – just not for Christmas dinner) a few years back – this time of the year tends to be a time were we get stuff done 😉

Syringe attached to the printer:

^ the very first dough extrusion of ours.

The essential programs everyone should know – Slic3r:

and printrun (pronterface)


Still a lot of room for parametrization improvements as well as mechanical ones.

and a baked result (crunchy to say the least)

it's something


Used files:

Lesson learned:

  • slic3r defaults to 200% print material for the 1st layer (doesn’t make sense with 2mm extrusion diameter).

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