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IoT rgb cube lamps

IoT rgbcubes

makefu and I stumbled upon the LEDbar project of hackerspace prague (brmlab). We were intrigued by the simplicity of the box design – some cardboard, hot glue and what looked like to be sandwich paper for the front – that worked very well / looks amazing:

To get the same evenly distributed light effect I opted for some matte acrylic (that I had in a box somewhere) and the first box was built within no time making use of the outline generation @boxmaker.

I then got some samples from Kienzle (the local acrylic goto place) and then after a selection-session 3 more materials to try before ordering the material for 50 cubes.

Video of the cubes fading:

Project photo album.

kallax style shelf

CAD files (and hopefully soon the Rhino script to optimize cutouts for milling)

Rendering (before milling):

I don’t really like the material Ikea’s Kallax are made of – also I consider buying at Ikea only as emergency solution.

Still we needed a shelf to store stuff and so I went to the local hardware store and bought 11 250x2500mm laminated
beech planks cut to length – not of the car (though it certenly seems that way).


Some milling (about 4 hours):

The result:

After some quick sanding of the corners and a some hours doing 2 coatings of linseed oil
we could piece it together in no time.


I even added drill holes for these pins (German: Bodenträger):

Screwed to the wall:

^^many projects waiting for completion.

Conclusion: Building furniture isn’t that hard if you have access to the right tools.
Also it’s not really that expensive.


  • 208,45€ 11 planks of 250x2500mm laminated beech planks (we still have enough for the loft bed)
  • 16,50€ 2l lineseed oil from Hornbach – at Obi it was like more than twice the price

furniture build album