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[Idea] Get it done platform

So lets just throw it out in the hope someone else does it.

Else I … and makefu have to 😉

I would like to have a plattform that works somewhat similar to kickstarter – but different.
The focus would mainly be on open source software – but maybe also tangible products.

Let’s say you use a piece of open source software – e.g. Openwrt and you stumble upon a broken DYNDNS package. Now you may still be able to set up dynamic DNS through a script – but it would also be nice to have the luci-app-ddns package working as

So on the get it done platform I would state the wish for the luci-app-ddns package to be fixed and throw in 20€ for someone to do it.

If others would also like to get it fixed they could also pledge some money.
Now the more money is on the table – the more likely it would get for someone – or even groups of people to start working on getting it done.