micro benchtop power supply (DP30V3A)


  1. notched box online designer
  2. convert to dxf online
  3.  some CAD work
  4. lasercutting
  5. modding the power supply to 35V
  6. assembly

long version

Danny showed me the  DP30V3A – thus emerged the idea to „briefly“ build a tiny  benchtop power supply that is powered directly by a wall outlet.


As I didn’t have access to a lasercutter for a while this project just collected dust.

Now there is even better adjustable power supply successors – the DP30V5ADP50V2A or even the DP50V5A module.

I opted for the 36V version of the Qianson WX-DC2416 switching power supply as power source for the DP30V3A since it was the smallest 230V -> 36V power supply with enough amperage I could find at the time.

It does require a quick mod though because the  DP30V3A can only handle 35V.


As you can see I placed a 47k multi-turn precision potentiometer in place of the R11 resistor (original value 20k).

This R11 resistor is part of a voltage divider that adjusts the output voltage.

Ein Gedanke zu „micro benchtop power supply (DP30V3A)“

  1. Hi,
    I plan to buy this power supply, because price aod amperage.
    Can yov tell me what is maximal and minimal voltage which can set with potentiometer 47kohm.
    Thank you in advance.

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