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I searched my photo albums for some pictures of robot stuff that I did the last years (robots being only one of many interests).

How it all started (the robot uprise):


Retrofitting a Manutec R15 with modern motor drivers and LinuxCNC controlIMG_20150504_172923

image (1)
image (2) image (4)

Project: Self balancing bot with manual PID

(derived from)

ugly prototype:
image (5)
I’ll hopefully never do airwiring again – hint: invest the time layouting pcbs instead:

image (6)

everything falls into place:
image (7) image (8)

ABB robot retrofit:

Quick and dirty conversion (Marius is a genius) during the LinuxCNC meet 2015 – with some groundwork of mine (getting curcuit plans, “some” probing, …).
image (9)


image (10)

I stumbled upon this little guy somewhere on ebay Kleinanzeigen (~Craigslist) and could not not-buy it.
Me (electronics) and two friends (software) hacked it to a Raspberry Pi.

image (11)

that oughta be enough place for some 18650’s …
image (12)
probing for the sensors, motor control

image (13)
everything hooked up

image (15)

the biggest of the robots (R3) @shackspace

R3 smashing a screen with a big hammer

<insert video>

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